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Show 261 - Doomed to Mediocrity

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Thu, 19 Sep 2013   -   1:09:26 minutes   -   50.67mb

Part Deux of the Syrian Red Line affair, plus a few other stories that got Dan thinking.

1."Students offered grants if they tweet pro-Israeli propaganda" by Brian Lynfield for the (UK) Independent, August 13, 2013
2."Israel to pay students to defend it online" by Daniel Estrin for the Associated Press (and The Detroit News), August 14, 2013
3."Spy Kids" by Charles Stross for Foreign Policy Magazine, August 28, 2013

Keywords: Syria, Obama, United Nations, Assad, Britain, bomb, attack, Iraq, podcast, president, Putin, Russia, United States, Israel, Snowden, NSA, CIA, politics, Republican, Democratic, history, analysis, war, declaration, chemical weapons, WMD

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