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Show 275 - The Specter of Dissent

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Sat, 24 May 2014   -   1:18:03 minutes   -   56.87mb

The worst nightmare of the global Establishment isn't Islamic terrorism, it's critical mass levels of domestic dissent. If that's your worst worry, wouldn't you use every tool you had to forestall it? Dan thinks they are.


1. "The Six Principles of the New Populism (and the Establishment's Nightmare)" by Robert Reich, May 6, 2014
2. "Sen. Warren's Floor Speech in Opposition to Michael Froman's Nomination for U.S. Trade Representative" (Text of speech on the Senate Floor)
3. "Glenn Greenwald: from Martin Luther King to Anonymous, the state targets dissenters not just "bad guys" " by Glenn Greenwald for The Guardian Newspaper, May 12, 2014.
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Keywords: protest, 1960s, radical, Snowden, terrorism, Patriot Act, Warren, Rand Paul, Ron Paul, libertarian, progressive, populism, Obama, Democratic, Republican, liberal, President, Nixon, FBI, NSA, Wall Street, Plutocracy, Oligarchy, history

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