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Show 253 - Probing the President

Description And Show Notes

Wed, 15 May 2013   -   47:18 minutes   -   34.74mb

Dan analyzes the three main scandals currently plaguing the Obama Administration. He breaks them down individually while trying to put them in a historical context.

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User: kybkh
Topic: Show 270 - Poking the Bear

Strange times when a NATO president is having these type of interactions on twitter. @IlvesToomas: .@poseidonsucks @thedailybeast what? 27 followers? This all deserves a ... (more)
User: clubgop
Topic: SCOTUS strikes down aggregate campaign giving limits

Not when you don't accept the answer because it's one you don't like. Nope. Forget me not liking you haven't given a straight answer to ... (more)
User: mstiene
Topic: No way China and the US are at war within five years, right?

Hate to bring a post back from the dead, but how does the recent seizing of a Japanese cargo ship affect peoples opinions? (Link for ... (more)

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