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Sun, 13 Jan 2013

Show 47 - Wrath of the Khans V

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Succession issues weaken the Mongol Empire as the grandchildren of Genghis Khan fight over their imperial inheritance. This doesn't stop them from dealing out pain, suffering, and ironically good governance while doing so.

1. "The Mongol Campaigns in Asia" by Douglas S. Benson

2. The Mongols by Steven Dutch (article)

Keywords: Russia, Persia, Turks, Huns, Asia, podcast, history, Middle Ages, invasion, conquest, Ogedai, Batu, Tartars, Muslim, Crusades, Baghdad, Mameluke, military , Mongke, Guyuk, Kublai, Golden Horde, Helegu, Egypt Mongols, Genghis, Chingis, Jengiz, Khan

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