Common Sense 303 – The Way You Play The Game Redux

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Publish Date: Thu, Mar 31 2016 – Duration: 47:51 minutes – Size: 35.1mb

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It’s not easy to get under Dan’s normally flexible, see-things-from-multiple-angles skin, but Donald Trump’s stated willingness to cross traditional American moral fault lines has done just that.

Show Notes

1. “Donald Trump on terrorists: ‘Take out their families’ “ by Tom LoBianco for CNN, December 3, 2015

2. “Trump backs waterboarding and ‘a lot more’ after Brussels attacks” By Eugene Robinson for The Washington Post, January 28th, 2016

3. Justice Louis Brandeis in Whitney v. California (1927)

4. Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes in United States v. Schwimmer (1929)

1 review for Common Sense 303 – The Way You Play The Game Redux

  1. rdepierolac

    Torture is incredibly tempting, because you never imagine doing it or doing it more than once.
    But, as you said with your grandpa example, once you make it normal, you’re a monster,

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