Hardcore History 30 – Ghosts of the Ostfront IV

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Release date: October 10, 2009
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In the final episode of the horror story that is the Eastern Front the tale descends into unimaginable darkness as vengeance is called down on Germany. This graphic episode is not for young ears.

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3 reviews for Hardcore History 30 – Ghosts of the Ostfront IV

  1. Kristine Johnson

    I love Dans style and the humanness of his take on history. And then – he chooses topics that are compelling and always round out my understanding of a time or military campaign. In this case for the first time I learned in depth about WW Ii on the eastern front. It has given me an understanding of the impact on countries of Central Europe today. It seems to me that the war in the east was a grab for land but also a race war against Slavs, and explains some of the barbarian behavior of the Russians in Germany. Time well spent, as always. Thanks Dan. Just finished all 5 Armageddons. Also excellent

  2. Matthew

    Want to be buried in the essence of an empire vanishing before your eyes, feel the death in the streets, the panic in the age old streets of Berlin– if so, listen to this show… Dan Carlin’s effort to get the facts and accounts perfect pays off every time. Even if you know a lot about this topic, at the end of this series you’ll see how before, you had only sunken your toes into the lucid waters of the past. Prepare to be submerged… Dan Carlin’s podcasts open doors few else can, after each episode I’m dumbfounded about how much I thought I knew and how much I learn. Hold tight for the my horrific showdown in history, THE BATTLE OF BERLIN

  3. Joshua

    I’m so glad that I ran into this podcast! I’ve always been a history buff, and I had been yearning for a show of some sort that looked at events in a similar way that I do. This podcast has absolutely changed the way I think about certain topics, and I am hooked to Dan’s storytelling style. I love how he makes you see things from perspectives you didn’t know were there. As for this series, the Eastern front is hardly ever mentioned, and Dan does a fantastic job of describing the absolute HELL that these people went through. Brilliant episodes, sir!! Keep putting out great content and I’ll keep buying!!!

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