Hardcore History 43 – Wrath of the Khans I

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Release date: June 13, 2012
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In one of the most violent outbursts in history a little-known tribe of Eurasian nomads breaks upon the great societies of the Old World like a human tsunami. It may have ushered in the modern era, but at what cost?

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18 reviews for Hardcore History 43 – Wrath of the Khans I

  1. Dan Calvert

    Brilliant and thoroughly captivating.

  2. Steve

    By far the best history lesson I have ever sat through. (Or worked through for that matter) history greatest stories told by today’s best story teller. Love it!!!!!

  3. Verner Sundling


  4. Stacey

    I absolutely loved Dan’s take on the Mongols! This series is informative and insightful while being highly entertaining!
    A must listen for anyone even slightly interested in history.

  5. Mike Morrow

    Easily the best history story I have ever heard. I have listened to it 4 times now and everyone I know is sick of hearing me talk about it. Thank you for this masterpiece.

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