Hardcore History 49 – The American Peril

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Release date: July 25, 2013
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Imperial temptations and humanitarian nightmares force the United States of the late 19th Century to confront the contradictions between its revolutionary self-image and its expanding national interests.

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12 reviews for Hardcore History 49 – The American Peril

  1. Larry

    Another engrossing work

  2. Christopher Maillet

    I thoroughly enjoyed this podcast. Many people tend to forget the stories of our past, and simply assume the United States has always been a strong imperialist nation. Examining the true implications of the Spanish-American war, it’s result on the global balance of power, and the ultimate hypocrisy of the idea of “Americanism”, this episode brings the listener back to the days before “American” was a universal term.

  3. Optimist Prime


  4. Stella

    Excellent coverage of a significant event in American history. While many of the names were familiar, I was not aware that many of them played a role in this event.
    Dan Carlin tells a great story while supporting his facts with eyewitness accounts and historical records. Educational and entertaining!

  5. Ien van Houten

    I listened to this some time ago. Your analysis of the American character as a “schizophrenic giant” is the best I have seen anywhere. I grew up in post war Europe, and the Americans were the good guys. Then came Vietnam. At first we still thought that the poor naive, well meaning Yanks had just blundered unwittingly into an old world post colonial quagmire. My opinion changed during the meddling in the affairs of the Dominican republic. The ugly imperial side of America, especially in Latin America, became more apparent during the seventies and eighties. Even so, I retain great fondness for the best of the American ideal. The world needs that shining vision of freedom, flawed as it is. All too often one sees only one aspect portrayed as the Real America. You are a rare breath of well informed, out of the box fresh air. I love your work. I have bought several collections, and recommend you to friends. Thank you for many hours of making kitchen chores an educational time.

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