About Us

Whether he's discussing history or current events, veteran journalist Dan Carlin brings his own unconventional approach to the subject matter. His Generation X, non-partisan, "neo-prudentist" outlook provides a fresh look at the headlines in the newspapers and the stories in the history books.

His two podcasts, "Hardcore History" and "Common Sense" are two of the leading independent podcasts in their respective genres. Both productions feature Carlin's unique, contradictory broadcast style. Passionate without being aggressive, loud but smart, and the trademark fast, staccato vocal delivery that has been compared to William Shatner after too many espressos.

The "Common Sense" podcast grew out of A.M. talk radio programs Carlin did on terrestrial radio in the 1990's. The topics discussed deal with politics and current events. Always non-partisan, and admittedly "America-centric", Carlin uses history and deep analysis to get to the heart of today's political and social issues. Dan has called his own political views "Martian", but they often sound a lot like the views of the people who signed the U.S. Constitution.

"Hardcore History" is a completely new type of media production where the past is dissected and often twisted or turned upside down in an attempt to gain perspective on what happened in history and why it matters today. Carlin approaches the subject matter as a "fan" of history and often emphasizes the drama of events, eras, circumstances and personalities in ways that are novel and intriguing.

The podcasts are produced by the mysterious "Ben". That is, if he actually exists outside of Dan's imagination.

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