Common Sense 145 – Whoops!


Publish date:Wed, 11 Feb 2009

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Will Government efforts to combat the current economic downturn bear fruit? Dan gives his viewpoint. Also: Should Press and media prohibitions on showing the realities of war be relaxed?

Show Notes:
1.”Bailout Is a Windfall to Banks, if Not to Borrowers” by Mike McIntire for The New York Times, January 17, 2009.
2.”Wall Street’s Socialist Jet-Setters” by Maureen Dowd for The New York Times, January 29, 2009.
3.”If Spending Is Swift, Oversight May Suffer” by Robert O’Harrow Jr. for The Washington Post, February 9, 2009.
4.”U.S. Taxpayers Risk $9.7 Trillion on Bailout Programs” by Mark Pittman and Bob Ivry for Bloomberg News, February 10, 2009.
5. Big Budget Government expenditure data quoted in the show provided by Bianco Research.
6.”Family members of fallen soldiers urge President Obama to reverse photo ban on flag-draped coffins” by Daily News Staff Writer for The New York Daily News, February 10, 2009.
7.”4,000 U.S. Deaths, and a Handful of Images” by Michael Kamber and Tim Arango for The New York Times, July 26, 2008.


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