Common Sense 160 – Frozen Shoulder Federalism


Publish date:Wed, 23 Sep 2009

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Is the United States breaking up? Dan reads a Pat Buchanan commentary that poses that question, so Dan talks about it. Also: Dan extols the virtues of citizen journalism in the wake of the “Acorn” expose.

Show Notes:
1.”Is America coming apart?” by Patrick J. Buchanan for Human Events magazine, September 11, 2009.
2.”The Next 100 Years” by George Friedman
3.”Could ACORN defunding bill strike military-industrial complex?” by The Raw Story website, September 23, 2009.
4.”Conservatives Draw Blood From Acorn” By Scott Shane Published: September 15, 2009.
5. “ACORN Controversy – Inside the Glorious Nation of ACORN” by Debra Saunders for The San Francisco Chronicle, September 20, 2009.


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