Common Sense 178 – Indecent Disclosure


Publish date:Mon, 21 Jun 2010

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Despite weird voodoo that tried to prevent this episode from being released, Dan comes out in support of whistleblowers who leak secrets and full financial disclosure in politics. Surprising, eh?

Show Notes:
1. Prejudices by H.L. Mencken
2.”Inside the Company” by Phillip Agee
3.”The Praetorian Guard” by John Stockwell
4.”Wikileaks and National Security” by L. Gordon Crovitz for The Wall Street Journal, June 14, 2010.
5.”Disclose Act in jeopardy after interest groups balk at NRA deal” by Dan Eggan for The Washington Post, June 18, 2010.
6.”How the Dems NRA loophole backfired” by Kenneth P. Vogel, Jonathan Allen and John Bresnahan for, June 18, 2010.
7.”San Francisco Passes Cellphone Radiation Law” by Jesse McKinley for The New York Times, June 15, 2010.


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