Common Sense 245 – A Seat at the Table

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Publish date:Thu, 17 Jan 2013


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The Common Sense episode released in June 2012 entitled “Put Up or Shut Up” finally pays some dividends. Dan’s hope to prompt positive change is answered from an unexpected quarter.

Show Notes:

1 review for Common Sense 245 – A Seat at the Table

  1. selflesssoldier

    Thomas More is credited to have said, “The way to heaven out of all places is of length and distance.” This is the episode that started it all for me. In the way we all remember where we were on 9/11 and the beginning of our long age of insanity, this was the moment where the potential for an unlikely alternative and a potential path to recovery peeked into view. Apart from the humdrum offerings on public radio I had not previously engaged with almost any podcasting prior to discovering Mr. Carlin. But having recently redeployed from our wars in the middle east, I was in search of something or someone capable of making some sense out of our intractable domestic and foreign mayhem. As such, I took a chance on the title Common Sense from among the heap of podcast offerings listed on itunes. There’s been no excuse to miss an episode since. I even entertain the vain fancy of being among the exclusive crowd who encountered Dan via current events rather than his work sharing the past.

    This episode in particular was rather apropos given the line of work I performed in uniform. The glimmer of hope in hearing that a wayward podcaster had been invited to attend a defense working group in DC was recognition of the desperate need for external perspectives on our unstoppable global security project. And unless my brain has since turned to mush in the intervening years, I believe it notable that our future Secretary of Defense was also in attendance at this event. Dan’s account provided what I can only assume to be a very rare outsider view into the discourse that has continued to propel US hegemony since the end of WWII. As of 2017, we are yet to waver from that same trajectory. But the cracks are increasingly apparent. So I recommend to listen closely.

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