Hardcore History 20 – (BLITZ) History Under The Influence

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Release date: May 6, 2008
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This first “Blitz Edition” of the show looks at the hidden side of history, the impact of drugs and alcohol on past events. Dan has a whole list of historical figures he wants to drug test.

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Dan’s research and book list:

4 reviews for Hardcore History 20 – (BLITZ) History Under The Influence

  1. Vinl

    An absolutely interesting episode, it exposed the other side of the history that me never considered of

  2. Chad zalunardo

    Love this one, fascinating scary, and insightful. A must have from Dan Carlin, my favorite episode as of listening to him, much more to go. Well worth the nominal change to buy. I’d have paid five times as much.


  3. Joshua Owens

    This is THE SHOW that got me, not only into podcasts in general, but into Dan Carlin.
    The amount of info that, I can only imagine, goes into each & every episode is equivalent to my father: Libraries of information
    If what he knows is a Gallon….I got a Cup, maybe. Same as DC
    Quality over quantity….by far!

  4. kvonderfecht

    The idea behind this was fascinating. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I just wished it would have gone more in depth. Consider the history of Central America; a land completely saturated intoxicants. What influence could intoxicants have had on these cultures; divination of the gods, architecture, and even hardcore human sacrifice.

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