Hardcore History 32 – Globalization Unto Death

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Release date: February 27, 2010
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Ferdinand Magellan is the lead character in this episode about the collision between the Old and New worlds and what Dan calls “Globalization 1.0”. It is also full of controversy!

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Dan’s research and book list:

4 reviews for Hardcore History 32 – Globalization Unto Death

  1. Haydn

    My absolute favorite episode, helped open my eyes to a part of history that I had never really enjoyed. Thanks to Dan I have since learned everything I can about this period of history, much more than educational, provides so much entertainment, loved it! Thank you!

  2. Geoffrey

    This is more of an education in an hour and a half than I received in all of my regular school history classes. Dan handles the controversy surrounding the “discovery” of the New World and the effects it had on the native populations with sensitivity and a wonderfully measured understanding of human emotions and behavior. Highly recommended for anyone interested in the early stages of the Age of Discovery.

  3. Gerald

    I really liked this episode, but I’d like to make one comment. There IS one inhabited island in the world which hasn’t “made contact” with the rest of the world, North Sentinel. It’s currently being protected by the Indian Navy to make sure that nobody lands there. There have been several attempts to communicate with the Sentinelese, but they have almost all ended with lots of the outsiders dead. To this day we don’t know what language they speak, how many there are, or anything about their culture.

    I would have posted this in the forum, but it appears that the forum was closed before I found out about these podcasts.

  4. Joshua

    Another Great Podcast, as was expected. As far as white people are concerned, a comment you made about the Mongols, applies to this as well.

    They were doing the same things as everyone else. Except, they were the best at it.

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