Hardcore History 40 – (BLITZ) Radical Thoughts

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Release date: October 12, 2011
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Using the two 20th Century “Red Scare” eras as case studies, Dan looks at the fear that can be generated by potentially dangerous ideas and examines the way such powerful mass emotions can cloud human judgment.

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3 reviews for Hardcore History 40 – (BLITZ) Radical Thoughts

  1. Piddyx

    This was made in 2011, but you would think it was made to explain some of the hysteria of 2017.

  2. Julia.Pikachu

    Excellent. Another episode I can’t stop replaying over and over again, both for fun and to re-examine parts I may not have fully appreciated in the previous excitement of listening. Every episode so far has been the gift that keeps on giving, like a magical dopamine dispenser that never breaks or fails to deliver awesomeness.

  3. travisgcheek

    Hard hitting stories of those who oppose traditional government and capitalist ways. Communism itself seems like an innocent idea aimed at helping the poor but ultimately twisted by evil men.

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