Hardcore History 53 – Blueprint for Armageddon IV

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Release date: August 17, 2014
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Machine guns, barbed wire and millions upon millions of artillery shells create industrialized meat grinders at Verdun and the Somme. There’s never been a human experience like it…and it changes a generation.

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15 reviews for Hardcore History 53 – Blueprint for Armageddon IV

  1. Chris

    great podcast from the best podcaster

  2. Rack Ops

    I’m just here to cancel out the guy who gave the 1 star review.

    But seriously, this podcast is amazing. Great job, Dan!

  3. Samer Sultan

    The best history podcast out there, thank you Dan.

  4. Ryan Magill

    This episode was awesome, as are all the others in Blueprint for Armageddon. I think this previous 1-star review might be reviewing his/her own ability to work with technology, rather than the content of this podcast.

  5. Sean

    Another great part to the series.

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