Hardcore History 42 – (BLITZ) Logical Insanity

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Release date: March 31, 2012
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After many listener requests, Dan examines the issue of the morality of dropping the Atomic Bombs in the Second World War. As usual, he does so in his own unique, unexpected way.

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Dan’s research and book list:

4 reviews for Hardcore History 42 – (BLITZ) Logical Insanity

  1. cccarlocoppola1

    Extremely difficult subject to tackle but Dan does a fantastic job

  2. Thomas

    wow……This podcast should be mandatory for all humans to listen to.

  3. David

    I love this episode because even though he didn’t set out to do this, he details the events that gave birth to the US Air Force. So much of his research list was required reading back when I was an academy cadet, but his telling of the story focuses unapologetically on the early evolution of strategic bombing. Anyone interested in the development of modern air power needs to know this story.

  4. Kewee65

    Excellent treatment of an emotionally charged event. Dan takes you into the mindset of the people and governments of the time, exploring the extreme inhumanity that preceded the dropping of Little Boy and Fat Man. It puts a very different perspective on the end of the war and is a careful lesson not to be taken in by the kneejerk reaction we have today against the nuclear weapons of World War Two. Required reading for, well, everyone.

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