Hardcore History 55 – Blueprint for Armageddon VI

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Release date: May 5, 2015
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The Americans are coming, but will the war be over by the time they get there? Germany throws everything into a last series of stupendous attacks in the West while hoping to avoid getting burned by a fire in the East they helped fan.

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12 reviews for Hardcore History 55 – Blueprint for Armageddon VI

  1. Tracy

    I’ve listened to this podcast 5 times and downloaded it onto my family members iPads. The human side Dan adds to history makes every time I listen to it feel different.

  2. archiebunker

    World War I has held a special place in my heart and mind ever since being introduced to the poetry of Wilfred Owen and Siegfried Sassoon in high school. The more I have read about it and studied it, the horrifying the entire event becomes.

    It was hard not to tear up at certain moments during this pod cast: a last letter to his wife from a soldier about to go over the top, knowing certain death awaited; first hand descriptions of soldiers hearing their comrades crying for help out in the no-man’s-land; the sheer magnitude of casualties on a daily basis.

    Without making light of the many horrible events that have befallen mankind, it seems to me that World War I may just be the worst of the lot. That is quite an ignoble list to be atop.

    Dan seems to fully grasp the absolute horror show that was this war, and narrates with a sincerity and understanding befitting the subject matter. Hats off to you, sir. Well done.

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