Hardcore History 49 – The American Peril

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Release date: July 25, 2013
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Imperial temptations and humanitarian nightmares force the United States of the late 19th Century to confront the contradictions between its revolutionary self-image and its expanding national interests.

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12 reviews for Hardcore History 49 – The American Peril

  1. ghawkinsm

    Immaculate storytelling and a gripping account of a period that often flies under the radar in academia.

  2. Geoffrey

    This episode so perfectly captured the mood and aura of the time period that I quite literally could feel the emotions of the people involved. This is an important story for anyone interested in how the modern United States began the course leading to its current place in the world. When I was in school the Spanish-American War and associated conflicts were even less than glossed over. In just over 4 hours I was finally given the education on the subject my regular education failed to give.

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